Horse Back Rider Also Needs A Massage


Horses are some of the most beautiful and magnificent creatures to grace the surface of this planet with their presence. Horses are known for their smooth, muscular bodies and speed while running. Before the invention of mechanized modes of transportation, mankind relied on horses to get from place to place efficiently. It was common for everyone to ride horses. Horses were as ubiquitous as cars in those days. They would be used to draw carriages which could seat multiple people or be ridden directly. Horses have contributed a lot to the advancement of human society through the service they provided.

These days horse riding isn’t an essential skill like it used to be. People only ride horses now as a hobby. This is because people no longer rely on horses for transport. The reason for this is that other modes of transport such as cars and motorbikes, as well as public transport, are much faster and are a more reliable means of transport for point to point travel.

In the modern era, people only ride horses for the sheer pleasure it gives them. Horse riding is a very different experience compared to driving or motorcycle riding. In a car or bike, you have complete control over the machine. Your actions produce clear and obvious results. However, in the realm of horse riding, this is not always the case. Like all animals, horses are also unpredictable creatures. You never know how they will react to your pleas to go faster or turn one way or the other. Controlling a horse requires a lot of concentration and skill. While properly training the horse can mitigate this issue to a great extent, the fact still stands that a rider must be skilled to maintain control over a horse at all times.

The effort that it takes to ride a horse should make it obvious that horse riders get very tired from riding the animals. They need a way to relax to get over tiredness the caused by horse riding. For this reason, Horse Back Rider also needs a massage. A massage is a perfect way to relieve the fatigue and stress accumulated in the body of a rider as a result of horseback riding. Massages are the best way to soothe tired muscles and speed up the recovery process.

There are many types of massages. An exhausted rider usually feels the most amount of pain in his back and in his arms. For this reason, massages that target the muscle groups on the back and in the arms of the human body are the most suitable for burnt out riders.


The place where the massage is taken is just as important as the kind of massage. You’ll want to choose a place which has all the hallmarks of a reputable massage center. A simple way of doing this to see how good the headrest of table is. This will show you if the massage parlor is a respectable institution or an illegitimate one. A good massage center will always have the clean, hygienic and well-maintained equipment. You can check this site for more information on what makes a massage good for horse riders.


The importance of having handgun safe when riding a horse

If you own a gun, then you should understand the enormous responsibility that comes with that ownership. This is why you need gun storage safe to keep your gun protected from unauthorized personnel as well as allowing you to carry it from one place to another. Additionally, guns present a lot of danger especially when not handled with care. For instance, imagine the situation where your children get hold of the gun and start playing with it. This happens every day, and in most cases, it will turn into a tragic situation.
The expense of the gun storage is offset by the value of the lives it has the ability to save. The main reason for a homeowner to purchase a handgun is to protect themselves as well as their families. If your aim is to protect you and your family, there s no reason of keeping the guns lying around where you or your child may be hurt. Besides keeping your children safe, a gun safe also has many advantages. For instance, let us imagine a situation where burglars broke into your home and found a gun lying around. Chances are that the thief will use your weapon against your family.

Another reason to have a handgun safe is that it makes it easy to carry it from one place to the other. Today you never know what to expect especially when traveling to new places. Whether you are in your car, riding a horse, cycling a bicycle or even riding your motorbike. A handgun is very handy in situations where you may be attacked by muggers on your way.

Having a handgun safe when riding a horse or riding your motorbike can get you out of a jam with ease. Once an attacker approaches, you can easily reach out for your gun and defend yourself. On the other hand, a gun safe may also come to your aid when you are exploring the nature while riding your horse. Some areas such as mountains have scenic beauty. However, it is hard to access most of these areas by driving there. A horse can be a good alternative to carrying you to the place you have always desired to visit. Thick forests are home to wild animals; some are adorable to watch while others are very aggressive. When visiting such places, it is a wise idea to carry your handgun to protect yourself from the aggressive animals.


Another importance of handgun storage is that in most jurisdictions, you are not supposed to carry your gun into the public without concealing it. This is because the gun can go off accidentally, and this may cause bodily harm to those who are around you.

Today there are many gun storage safe available on the market, and the choice will entirely depend on your preference. Some of the safe available include the biometric vaults that has sets of authorized fingerprints that are programmed into the locking device, making sure only the authorized personnel can access the gun. We also have the portable vaults, which are handy especially when you need to carry your gun out in public. These safes are lightweight and compact and can easily fit in a daypack, which you can carry while riding your horse.

Benefits Of Grilled Foods For Horses

Horses are beautiful and magnificent creates that are known for their elegance and sophistication. They’re often idealized as gallantly running with poise and grace. Like all living beings, they too need to eat to survive. Eating supplies them with the energy needed to gallop fast and replenishes the supply of essential nutrients within their body. A well-fed horse is a strong beast that is capable of awe-inspiring feats.

Horses are herbivores and as such, enjoy vegetarian foods as part of their diet. They shouldn’t be given meat as they’re incapable of digesting it. Like other herbivorous animals such cows and goats, a horse’s diet primarily consists of foods rich in fibers. Horses in the wild have only grass and a few other plants as their source of food whereas domesticated horses have access to many more sources of nourishment. Horses kept in captivity feed on hay, grains, grasses and oats. They can’t live off of just grass like wild horses because the plant life of ranches or other places where they’re are kept are lacking in the quality of plant life present in the environment.

Oats, hay, grasses, and grains are all excellent sources of nourishment for horses. However, there’s a lot of room for improvement. One of the ways of improving their nutritional qualities is by grilling them. The benefits of eating grilled foods for horses are numerous. By cooking food on a grill(, the food becomes easier to eat and the taste improves. While you may not be able to able to see if a horse enjoys its meal more, you can certainly observe that it’s eating it faster. A faster lunch or dinner means that essential carbohydrates and proteins which a horse requires for the proper functioning of its body are consumed quicker. As a result, they have more time to be digested and assimilated into the blood stream.

Of course, all the standard benefits of cooking apply to grilled foods as well. Due to the heat from cooking, any insects or harmful micro-organisms residing in the food material are quickly killed. Grilling exterminates any bacteria or fungi that may be hiding in the hay or grass. This makes it safer for consuming and ensures that the horse won’t ever be affected by a deadly micro-organism from a food sample.

The safety reasons aside, there are other factors which contribute to making grilled food an great choice for horses. One aspect that is often overlooked is the fact that horses like the taste of grilled food better. After eating the same pile of hay from the same place day after day, boredom sets in. Horses hate being bored just as much as humans do. Like us, they too want change. Grilled food presents a break from the monotony. It provides flavors that a horse has never tasted before. Through the inclusion of grilled food as part of its diet, a little bit of adventure can be introduced into a domesticated horse’s life.

While standard, uncooked food suffices, for the most part, there are some benefits of grilled foods for horses that shouldn’t be ignored. Besides being safer, grilled food is also exciting for a horse to eat. Grilling a horse’s food is an effective way of introducing some change into a horse’s standard diet. With how easy it is to grill food using something like a smoke hollow grill smoker, there’s no excuse not to.

After a long run with the horse, keep your clothes out of wrinkles  

Yes, riding is fun. But wrinkles? Wrinkles are nasty. Nobody likes wrinkles whether they’re on your face or on your clothes they aren’t very attractive and they definitely aren’t anything useful. Hence, why not get rid of them? When on a face, they make you appear old, tired, and worn out, when on clothes just the same. They make your clothes look old and kill your grace.

Hence, why not do something about it?

War against wrinkles

Wrinkles mean war. You cannot just let those wrinkles and creases kill your reputation, let them humiliate you in front of other large corporations. You can’t let them annihilate your class, kingdom you built bits by bits. You cannot let it crumble.  That’s just how powerful wrinkles are. They can bring you down within seconds. Suppose, you had a meeting at 5 and you went out for horse riding at 3 because two hours to go and you had nothing better to do. So you grabbed your gear and went cowboy of which those wrinkles are the consequence. But what’s done is done. You must rectify your mistakes and must never commit them ever again.

You can’t go back home  just to change, the spare suit you kept in your car? You wore it a day ago because you spilled a martini on your coat. You’re cornered, out of choices yet not wisdom. What can you do? You definitely cannot attend the meeting in those wrinkled clothes. Neither can you skip it or it’ll bring you down anyway.

Can’t think of any possible solution to this algebraic problem? No worries. The solution is about to be narrated in simple words.

You, sir, need a high temperature steam for clothes! A Garment Steamer!

How is a garment steamer useful?

f40e5f5d1323b4ac0a7b42212251d11cThis device is almost magical except that you don’t have to chant spells, all you have to do is press some tiny buttons and plug the switch. Nothing too complicated. Albeit, it runs on electricity just like an iron, it does not need an iron board or a hard surface to use it. It works magically on your garments while they’re hanged on a hanger.

Could it get any easier?

No. This is the easiest and the simplest form of getting rid of wrinkles. Those wrinkles can no longer pose a threat to you and your reputation. You’ll keep going aces high.

Now that you own a garment steamer you can easily get rid of those nasty looking wrinkles in no time. Unlike iron they neither scorch your clothes nor give you any burn marks. You’re more than safe and comfy using this device.

You neither have to give up horse riding nor your office meetings.  Your career and your future remain safe and wrinkle free.  Hence, proved, a garment steamer is the best tool to fastly get rid of wrinkles.




Animal Photography

Animal photography is intriguing and exciting. However, it also requires hard work, commitment and most of all patience. Imagine capturing the image of a bird as it catches an insect mid-air with its beak. This means you have spent a considerable amount of time watching the bird in order to capture that moment. Animal photography ranges from photographing birds, wildlife, pets, farm animals or any other category that might interest you. However, there are some general guidelines that apply to the photography of animals.

  • Understand your equipment

This is a cliché guideline that comes with every type of photography. This guideline applies to wildlife photography more than any other type. Photographing a pet seems easy. Nonetheless, if a pet is playful, excited or uneasy, you have very few moments when it stays still enough to capture a moment. Similarly, an action packed incident occurs within ten to twenty second in wildlife photography. You can easily miss these moments or capture poor quality images if you do not have adequate knowledge of the gear and high quality camera. You also need laptop with big Storage capacity to save pictures. The moments can pass as you fumble between your focus and zoom. Therefore, try and understand functions like

  1. the ISO settings that provide acceptable quality
  2. the speed and ease with which you can snap to change focus modes and focus points
  3. the minimum shutter speed that allows you to take sharp images with your lens or combined camera
  • Research on your subject

Capturing the golden moment during photography is not easy. Research increases the chances of a photographer capturing the best moment. For instance, in wildlife photography, find out the behavior of the animals. Learning their schedules and behavior helps you understand when the golden moment might occur. Your research should not only entail literature research, spend time with the animals to learn their patterns and conduct. You might actually acquire some good footage during the research. Similarly, try and find out about a pet from its owner before the shoot. Is the pet stranger friendly, playful, calm, aggressive or irritable? Consequently, you will know what to expect and how to handle your subject during the shoot.

  • Natural Lighting

Unless the pet is coming to your studio, it is important to consider using natural light. Natural light is especially important in wildlife and outdoor animal photography. In most cases, wake up early and be on the field before the sun rises. Furthermore, this is the time when most animals are waking up to bask in the sun and find food. You might get impressive footage at that time. Take a break between 11am and 4pm because the light during that time is quite harsh. However, the golden light returns between 4pm and sunset providing natural light to complete your shoot. Remember that your camera is affected by light. Therefore, as indicated in the first point, understands your equipment and know how it interacts with natural light.

These basic points are useful in preparing for animal photography. Nonetheless, YouTube tutorials and further research are important. If you are interested in animal photography, start small (pet photography) and work up to more challenging environments, making sure to keep the photos clear and focused.


Why horseback riders love to play ping pong too

Ping pong and horseback riding share numerous similarities in terms of the level of calories burned and the amount of body movements involved. They are both outdoor activities, which involve entire body movement for their success. During Olympics, the two games attract similar fans an indication of a great integration of the two

Some of the reasons include:

Similar physical and mental exercises

Horse riding is an action activity; to ensure the horse keeps to the lane and moves with speed a lot of a lot of physical guidance and cognitive thinking is involved. Ping pong also requires vigorous physical and emotional exercise to keep the ball on the court using paddle, you can pick paddle at  . Since they both involve physical and mental body movement horseback riders find table tennis a similar sport.


Horseback riding and ping pong are recreational sports. The number of players is limited, compared to other sports which require a team of at least five players. When you are bored and love to get off the back of a horse while still enjoying the nice weather nature provides, ping pong becomes a better option.

Outdoor event

Most horseback riders love outdoor events; they find ping pong a great blend since there is a minimal change of environment while enjoying the sport. The relaxation mood the games provide makes them want to engage more in table tennis. However, you can still play ping pong in an enclosed environment. Some riders may prefer a change of environment while still engaging in physical activity; ping pong offers the alternative.

Physical health

Horse riding and ping pong both involve vigorous body movements. In as much as you are behind a horseback, there is a notion they just sit behind the horse and no activity is involved, the work is tiresome just as ping pong.


On the contrary, horseback riders prefer table tennis as a way of relaxing their mind after much mental and physical activity in talking and riding the horse to its destination. To reduce the aerobic exercise, ping pong offers a more relaxed environment to keep the body active and deviate it from the disheartening horse riding.

Enhanced eye concentration

Just as horse, riding table tennis requires high eye concentration on the ball to ensure you do not miss it giving your opponent an upper hand in ball control. The riders look at table tennis as a continuity of the sport to ensure they are still improving their eyesight skills while engaging in a different activity. This is seen as a way to prevent boredom from carrying out the same activity in one day.
Improved social skills

The two games have similar social interactions skills. The reflex behind the sport is the backbone of talent. You will find every individual enjoy participating in a specific game which has the same benefits. Ping pong and horseback riding have similar benefits which drive passionate horseback riders to love playing tennis. The unconscious instincts are the main drivers of the two sports lovers comprehend.

Does a Horse Stable Need its Own Toilet Room?

horse stable

Would you like it when you walk into a horse stable excited, nervous and apprehensive about riding a beautiful horse, maybe it’s a grey beautiful gelding, maybe you are in a shiny new pair of riding boots, only to step into a big lump of horse feces? No? Me neither.

Just imagining a scenario so awful and disgusting can make one cringe with distaste but that’s what happens when your horses don’t have a separate stall to attend nature’s call. Trust me just stepping into it wouldn’t be the only worst case scenario. Just standing there to saddle your horse while piles of horse feces diffuse their horrid smell into the air sounds unbearable. Many horse stalls are known to be bedded with wood shavings or hay stacks, presumably, no one would like their horse’s beautiful skin coated with foul smelling product. Also, some horses have a habit of excreting in places such as the buckets that hold their water or food, of course rending both buckets dirty and their contents absolutely useless. Knowing your horse’s bad habits you are likely to set timers to check and provide around the clock care for your horse’s so you can provide your animal with fresh food and water. This situation adds to your schedules, making them more hectic than they usually are for most.

Let’s be real, no one likes to get up at the brink of dawn and change the horses feed and water and not many people can afford to hire help to do this work for them. Cleaning the horses down before you take it for a run when you already have to clean it after the run can take quite the toll on time and strength. Hence the perfect solution for this whole ordeal is to form a separate space in the horse’s stall, training it to use that area to dispose of its waste products rather than its water or food buckets or the floor of the stall itself or in its bed of hay or wood shaving. This will decrease your chances of stepping into the feces or the horse sleeping in them for that matter.

There is a lot of toilets to choose from, it is up to you which one would you think the best toilet for your horse stable. Click here for the choices ( )

This will provide you with a sense of satisfaction and a less hectic time space to provide constant care for your horse’s, not to mention the amount of money buying the horse extra feed because it wasted it’s the last one will not put a dent in your account anymore which will obviously give you way to be able to spend money on other hobbies or interests you might harbor. For your own nature’s call, you can also build your own modern flushing toilets in the stall.


How to Make DIY Horse Stable Doors

  1. Using a measuring tape, determine both the height and the width of the opening for the stable door you’ll be constructing.
  2. Measure your plywood, and mark it with the height and width you determined on the first step. Depending on the size of your metal bar half door, your plywood base can follow the exact measurements or they can be more. For shaping the side of the stable door, the best equipment to have is a wood lathe. The metal bar half door can be pre-ordered if you don’t want to be bothered finding a welder to customize one. Make sure that they’re strong, safe, and steel- or aluminum-made.
  3. Using the marked parts as guidelines, cut the plywood using a Great cabinet saw. You can try to use wood planer to produce a flat board with even thickness on either side. Look at this reviews of planer to get more idea about wood planer. For the rough edges of the finished product, you can sand them.
  4. Determine the measurement of the 1x4x8s to line the external edge of the plywood. For example, if your plywood is 4×4, you have to measure 8 1x4x8 into 4’ parts. You will be cutting 4 of the boards in half to make 8 of them.
  5. Using a circular saw, cut your 1 x 4 x 8s. Like earlier, sand thoroughly to get rid of rough edges.
  6. With an angle ruler, mark in a 45-degree angle to the end of every one of the 8 sections of the 1 x 4 x 8.
  7. Using your circular saw again, cut the angled marks.
  8. Put the plywood on a flat surface, then edge it using the 1 x 4 x 8 pieces. On the other side of the plywood, include the 4 pieces in the same manner. As you go, it is necessary to clamp them.
  9. Join the 1 x 4 x 8s that you’ve clamped to the plywood with several wood screws and a power screwdriver. On each few inches from the very top to the bottom, you need to fasten a screw to make sure it’s stable.
  10. After measuring the upper right inside edge of the box you’ve made on the plywood using the 1 x 4 x 8 edging to the lower left inside edge, you can now cut 2 pieces of 1 x 4 x 8.
  11. With the width of the 1 x 4 x 8, simply cut and make a mark at the center part of every end of the two pieces.
  12. Make a 45-degree angle from the said center point downward in every area. You’ll make a drawing that is similar to the letter V. Repeat this step on the other end. Do both with the other piece.
  13. After cutting every angled mark, you can sand it to get rid of rough edges.
  14. Slid the cut pieces into the plywood door, stretching diagonally. On every side, there must be one piece inserted. To hold them tightly, clamp at the corners.
  15. Fasten both diagonal pieces with a power screwdriver and wood screws.
  16. Include the hinges and hardware with a power screwdriver and an accompanying tool.
  17. Now it’s time to attach the door by fastening the end of the hinges to the wood in front of the horse stable. Using lever, you can check if it is hung

Why is Horseback Riding Fun?


You must be wondering while a lot of people prefer horseback riding than other sports. Well, one of the many reasons is that horseback riding is definitely fun. Here are some reasons why it is, and how it benefits a rider.

You will temporarily feel the freedom that can’t be given by another human being. A lot of horseback riders can relate to this freedom vibe that you can get while you’re on top of a horse’s back. As soon as you hike up and take a seat, all of your challenges, physical, mental, emotional and social will be left on the ground.

You’ll learn more about your new horse friend. To be a horseback rider, you might also need to know some basic things about your new friend. But even though they’re pretty much simple, you might learn something new and mind-blowing.

Move your body in a way that encourages health & wellness. Even when you’re just grooming and tacking, or walking the horse around the fields, your body makes physical movements while riding which are very particular to horseback riding that can’t be found in other endeavors.

Make new friends who also love horseback riding. If you’ve become passionate about this sport, so does the others. Horseback riding is also very popular in other countries, cultures, personalities and etc. With the same sport that you both love, it’s quite fast to be able to relate with them and make conversation. You might not know, there’s another avid horseback rider near your place.

There’s more than one way to skin a cat when balancing. Obviously, your sense of balance will improve while you try to stay sit around 5 ft. above the ground. But, through horseback riding, this is just one of the ways to discover balance and other balance truths like rest vs. activity, shelter vs. great outdoors, and etc.

More interaction with the outdoors. Horseback riding is one of the most exciting ways to interact with the outdoors. You can smell the breeze, the beauty of nature, the sounds of animals outside and etc.

A unique feeling of being a first-time rider. When you try horseback riding, you might not feel butterflies in your stomach. And instead, it will be filled with the feeling of being afraid falling or losing control. Riding a horse is an active process, you have to learn constantly to be able to get some moves, which makes it a non-boring sport.

Build a special connection with your horse. Horseback riders know that having a horse is different from taking care of a cat, or a dog. They know how powerful and magical their horses can be. As you spend time with your new riding pet, you’ll be able to develop that feel of a special connection.

You become fitter and more athletic. When you become a regular rider, you’ll be able to see that you’ve become more agile, able, and fitter (even though you think you just sit all day).


Motorcycle Riding vs. Horseback Riding


Before even getting a bike, a horseback rider like you might have already suspected that it will share a lot of similarities to horseback riding. Some riders even consider their motorcycle(s) as city horse(s). There are motorcycle riders who are also big fans of riding horses, using their 2-wheel to the vehicle to find a good horse back riding camp with GPS tracking system.

Isn’t it odd to put horseback riding and motorcycling riding in the same sentence? No, it’s not. Ironically, there are a number of quotations, movie lines, and other sentimental sayings that were able to combine them together.

In forum websites, such as Reddit, you will read a lot of discussions about how the two sports/hobbies are similar. But obviously, they always end up in the debate of which is more dangerous than the other.


As a horseback rider, guiding your buddy for a jump requires you to have a trust on him to make a proper land without you (or your horse) getting hurt. Motorcycle riding commands the same type of trust. When you’re taking risks, it always comes with trust.


Despite having a slow or fast tempo, horses follow a consistent pattern—whether you’re walking, trotting, or cantering. On the other hand, motorcycle engines also possess mechanical rhythm. An unchanging intonation is very important for both.


Whether a bike or a horse, both will be needed to have the capacity to perform. You want to have a level of athleticism or capability when it comes to the movements, muscle or machinery, it doesn’t back riding


Both horseback riding and motorcycle riding need a composed rider, which is an addition to centeredness and tranquility. Being a calm horseback rider will earn the trust of the horse, while a calm motorbike rider will have a better chance not ending up in a hospital.

Connection and Feel

Doesn’t matter if it’s a machine or an animal, you have to understand the movement of what you’re riding, allowing you to make better decisions. Feel, on the other hand, is the rider’s intuition and instinct. A person with an outstanding feel can’t really explain what they’re doing, but they just know because if they’re doing the right thing.

For bikers, it isn’t just about the bike, but it’s also about one’s surroundings—the road, other drivers, and etc.


Both motorbikes and horses (and even the driver) do not have to possess the physical power in a union. Your job as a rider is to train yourself to partner with the vehicle or the horse, approaching the partnership with a certain amount of humility, learning the limitations, and riding with a reason.

Basically, if you install a fence that is too high, you’ll both just fall to the dirt. If you turn abruptly with the bike, you’ll also fall to the ground.

Focus and Line of Vision

Every time you train your horse with your first jumps, you might have heard your trainer a couple times to keep your eyes up. It’s also the same treatment you get during motorbike riding classes. Whether you’re riding a horse or a bike, your eyes will lead you to your destination. If you look downwards, obviously you’ll end up there.