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Thank you for visiting Smartipony, your ultimate shopping destination for quality, fashionable horse products at an affordable price; whether you are looking for horse blankets, riding clothing or items for your faithful dog that follows you everywhere.

We take special pride in offering our customers the finest and most fashion-forward horse items available. Browse our selection of horse care and safety items, saddle pads, martingales, girths and bridles. Each item or brand has been used by us. We have practical experience with them, trust them and are proud to bring them to you.

We offer seasonal horse equipment such as summer cooling vests for you, cooling items for your horse or dog, fly sheets and fly maskswinter clothing and warm winter blankets for your horses that come in a variety of colors so you can coordinate your blankets, saddle pads, vests and jackets. We also carry a variety of bridle bags, saddle covers, clothing bags and helmet containers.

My favorite part of this site is the new things. We are always on the lookout for the newest inovations and inventions from our very imaginative horse and dog friendly friends.

We wish you the best, sunshine to ride in and happy horsey days!


Sara Braden
Founder & President

PS: We're always open to our customers' requests and suggestions. We'd love to hear from you!  Simply contact us

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