The Must-have Gear of an Amateur Horse Rider


Horse riding can be really a fun and exciting hobby. But like any other hobby, you’ll need several types of equipment to ensure your safety, comfortability, and control while riding. If you’re still starting with this new sport, here are the essential equipment that you shouldn’t ignore.

Horse Riding Helmet

First and by far the most important, a horseback rider must have certified, and approved horseback riding helmet. It should be worn by the rider every time one is mounted on the horse to ensure his or her safety. You literally don’t have any reason not to wear this compulsory horseback riding equipment. It’s usually lightweight, and there are a lot of units you can choose from that will fit your value or any kind of rider.

Like motorcycling riders, it’s an obvious equipment since you wouldn’t know when and how a horseback riding accident will happen. Whether you’re a starter, professional, or expert, it doesn’t affect the requirement level of wearing a helmet, everyone is expected to follow this dress code. Even the best horses and horseback riders can still trip and fall.

Horse Riding Boots

Horse riding boots are the second essential equipment for every horseback rider. You can’t spend hours each day riding a horse with a pair of slippers. It’s both impractical and unsafe. Therefore, you can’t spend time finding a proper pair of riding boots.

Proper riding boots are made with the high leather shaft, protecting your lower leg from any form of irritation resulting to rubbing against the horse’s saddle. Added to that, this protective part of your boots secures your leg from getting strained that can be extremely aching.

Another useful purpose of riding boots is the support that it provides since it is made with a heel, which can slide into the stirrup, and clasp your foot in the proper place. This prevents your legs from sliding through the opening. Added to that, they tend to safeguard your toe from damage, thanks to the well-built steel toe cap.

Jockey Saddles

There are a wide variety of horse saddles that you can choose from, all of them are also another important equipment for horseback riding. Without the saddle, you can’t exactly ride a horse properly. Horse saddles are designed to allow you ride the horse safely and conveniently, even for a long duration of time.

Among the numerous types of saddles, they are grouped in to two main kinds, English horse saddles, and Western horse saddles, both are made to have control over the horse. Each has different sub-groups.


Horse Rugs

These equipment are very useful items of equipment and a wide variety of them can be used to keep your horse coz, dry, clean, or the combination of the three. Added to that, they can also appear great, and you’ll probably have several types of rugs for a wide variety of situations and needs.

Bridles, Reins, and Bits

Aside from the saddle, these equipment are made to properly control the horse while riding. These are also designed to be comfortable for the horse.

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