Motorcycle Riding vs. Horseback Riding


Before even getting a bike, a horseback rider like you might have already suspected that it will share a lot of similarities to horseback riding. Some riders even consider their motorcycle(s) as city horse(s). There are motorcycle riders who are also big fans of riding horses, using their 2-wheel to the vehicle to find a good horse back riding camp with GPS tracking system.

Isn’t it odd to put horseback riding and motorcycling riding in the same sentence? No, it’s not. Ironically, there are a number of quotations, movie lines, and other sentimental sayings that were able to combine them together.

In forum websites, such as Reddit, you will read a lot of discussions about how the two sports/hobbies are similar. But obviously, they always end up in the debate of which is more dangerous than the other.


As a horseback rider, guiding your buddy for a jump requires you to have a trust on him to make a proper land without you (or your horse) getting hurt. Motorcycle riding commands the same type of trust. When you’re taking risks, it always comes with trust.


Despite having a slow or fast tempo, horses follow a consistent pattern—whether you’re walking, trotting, or cantering. On the other hand, motorcycle engines also possess mechanical rhythm. An unchanging intonation is very important for both.


Whether a bike or a horse, both will be needed to have the capacity to perform. You want to have a level of athleticism or capability when it comes to the movements, muscle or machinery, it doesn’t back riding


Both horseback riding and motorcycle riding need a composed rider, which is an addition to centeredness and tranquility. Being a calm horseback rider will earn the trust of the horse, while a calm motorbike rider will have a better chance not ending up in a hospital.

Connection and Feel

Doesn’t matter if it’s a machine or an animal, you have to understand the movement of what you’re riding, allowing you to make better decisions. Feel, on the other hand, is the rider’s intuition and instinct. A person with an outstanding feel can’t really explain what they’re doing, but they just know because if they’re doing the right thing.

For bikers, it isn’t just about the bike, but it’s also about one’s surroundings—the road, other drivers, and etc.


Both motorbikes and horses (and even the driver) do not have to possess the physical power in a union. Your job as a rider is to train yourself to partner with the vehicle or the horse, approaching the partnership with a certain amount of humility, learning the limitations, and riding with a reason.

Basically, if you install a fence that is too high, you’ll both just fall to the dirt. If you turn abruptly with the bike, you’ll also fall to the ground.

Focus and Line of Vision

Every time you train your horse with your first jumps, you might have heard your trainer a couple times to keep your eyes up. It’s also the same treatment you get during motorbike riding classes. Whether you’re riding a horse or a bike, your eyes will lead you to your destination. If you look downwards, obviously you’ll end up there.