Why is Horseback Riding Fun?


You must be wondering while a lot of people prefer horseback riding than other sports. Well, one of the many reasons is that horseback riding is definitely fun. Here are some reasons why it is, and how it benefits a rider.

You will temporarily feel the freedom that can’t be given by another human being. A lot of horseback riders can relate to this freedom vibe that you can get while you’re on top of a horse’s back. As soon as you hike up and take a seat, all of your challenges, physical, mental, emotional and social will be left on the ground.

You’ll learn more about your new horse friend. To be a horseback rider, you might also need to know some basic things about your new friend. But even though they’re pretty much simple, you might learn something new and mind-blowing.

Move your body in a way that encourages health & wellness. Even when you’re just grooming and tacking, or walking the horse around the fields, your body makes physical movements while riding which are very particular to horseback riding that can’t be found in other endeavors.

Make new friends who also love horseback riding. If you’ve become passionate about this sport, so does the others. Horseback riding is also very popular in other countries, cultures, personalities and etc. With the same sport that you both love, it’s quite fast to be able to relate with them and make conversation. You might not know, there’s another avid horseback rider near your place.

There’s more than one way to skin a cat when balancing. Obviously, your sense of balance will improve while you try to stay sit around 5 ft. above the ground. But, through horseback riding, this is just one of the ways to discover balance and other balance truths like rest vs. activity, shelter vs. great outdoors, and etc.

More interaction with the outdoors. Horseback riding is one of the most exciting ways to interact with the outdoors. You can smell the breeze, the beauty of nature, the sounds of animals outside and etc.

A unique feeling of being a first-time rider. When you try horseback riding, you might not feel butterflies in your stomach. And instead, it will be filled with the feeling of being afraid falling or losing control. Riding a horse is an active process, you have to learn constantly to be able to get some moves, which makes it a non-boring sport.

Build a special connection with your horse. Horseback riders know that having a horse is different from taking care of a cat, or a dog. They know how powerful and magical their horses can be. As you spend time with your new riding pet, you’ll be able to develop that feel of a special connection.

You become fitter and more athletic. When you become a regular rider, you’ll be able to see that you’ve become more agile, able, and fitter (even though you think you just sit all day).