Does a Horse Stable Need its Own Toilet Room?

horse stable

Would you like it when you walk into a horse stable excited, nervous and apprehensive about riding a beautiful horse, maybe it’s a grey beautiful gelding, maybe you are in a shiny new pair of riding boots, only to step into a big lump of horse feces? No? Me neither.

Just imagining a scenario so awful and disgusting can make one cringe with distaste but that’s what happens when your horses don’t have a separate stall to attend nature’s call. Trust me just stepping into it wouldn’t be the only worst case scenario. Just standing there to saddle your horse while piles of horse feces diffuse their horrid smell into the air sounds unbearable. Many horse stalls are known to be bedded with wood shavings or hay stacks, presumably, no one would like their horse’s beautiful skin coated with foul smelling product. Also, some horses have a habit of excreting in places such as the buckets that hold their water or food, of course rending both buckets dirty and their contents absolutely useless. Knowing your horse’s bad habits you are likely to set timers to check and provide around the clock care for your horse’s so you can provide your animal with fresh food and water. This situation adds to your schedules, making them more hectic than they usually are for most.

Let’s be real, no one likes to get up at the brink of dawn and change the horses feed and water and not many people can afford to hire help to do this work for them. Cleaning the horses down before you take it for a run when you already have to clean it after the run can take quite the toll on time and strength. Hence the perfect solution for this whole ordeal is to form a separate space in the horse’s stall, training it to use that area to dispose of its waste products rather than its water or food buckets or the floor of the stall itself or in its bed of hay or wood shaving. This will decrease your chances of stepping into the feces or the horse sleeping in them for that matter.

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This will provide you with a sense of satisfaction and a less hectic time space to provide constant care for your horse’s, not to mention the amount of money buying the horse extra feed because it wasted it’s the last one will not put a dent in your account anymore which will obviously give you way to be able to spend money on other hobbies or interests you might harbor. For your own nature’s call, you can also build your own modern flushing toilets in the stall.