Why horseback riders love to play ping pong too

Ping pong and horseback riding share numerous similarities in terms of the level of calories burned and the amount of body movements involved. They are both outdoor activities, which involve entire body movement for their success. During Olympics, the two games attract similar fans an indication of a great integration of the two sports.ping-pong-

Some of the reasons include:

Similar physical and mental exercises

Horse riding is an action activity; to ensure the horse keeps to the lane and moves with speed a lot of a lot of physical guidance and cognitive thinking is involved. Ping pong also requires vigorous physical and emotional exercise to keep the ball on the court using paddle, you can pick paddle at www.BestPingPongTables.review  . Since they both involve physical and mental body movement horseback riders find table tennis a similar sport.


Horseback riding and ping pong are recreational sports. The number of players is limited, compared to other sports which require a team of at least five players. When you are bored and love to get off the back of a horse while still enjoying the nice weather nature provides, ping pong becomes a better option.

Outdoor event

Most horseback riders love outdoor events; they find ping pong a great blend since there is a minimal change of environment while enjoying the sport. The relaxation mood the games provide makes them want to engage more in table tennis. However, you can still play ping pong in an enclosed environment. Some riders may prefer a change of environment while still engaging in physical activity; ping pong offers the alternative.

Physical health

Horse riding and ping pong both involve vigorous body movements. In as much as you are behind a horseback, there is a notion they just sit behind the horse and no activity is involved, the work is tiresome just as ping pong.


On the contrary, horseback riders prefer table tennis as a way of relaxing their mind after much mental and physical activity in talking and riding the horse to its destination. To reduce the aerobic exercise, ping pong offers a more relaxed environment to keep the body active and deviate it from the disheartening horse riding.

Enhanced eye concentration

Just as horse, riding table tennis requires high eye concentration on the ball to ensure you do not miss it giving your opponent an upper hand in ball control. The riders look at table tennis as a continuity of the sport to ensure they are still improving their eyesight skills while engaging in a different activity. This is seen as a way to prevent boredom from carrying out the same activity in one day.
Improved social skills

The two games have similar social interactions skills. The reflex behind the sport is the backbone of talent. You will find every individual enjoy participating in a specific game which has the same benefits. Ping pong and horseback riding have similar benefits which drive passionate horseback riders to love playing tennis. The unconscious instincts are the main drivers of the two sports lovers comprehend.